We are currently looking for participants for our study on hearing and the brain.

To see if you qualify, please see the below eligibility guidelines. 

Age Related Changes in Neural Encoding and Perception of Temporal Speech Cues​

We are trying to understand factors that lead to older adults' difficulty understanding speech. Preliminary testing for this study includes a complete audiological evaluation and cognitive screening. During actual testing, electrodes placed on the head will measure the brain's response as it is played various speech sounds. This test is noninvasive and only requires the participant to relax in a recliner while watching a muted movie of their choice with subtitles. 


  • Age: 18-30 years and 55-70 years

  • Participant Hearing Status: Normal hearing

  • Must be a native speaker of English

  • Time Commitment: 8 hours, scheduled in 2 sessions of 4 hours/each

  • Compensation: $12/hour


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